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Wonderings, Realizations, Understatements, Poetry, Hunches

Wonderings, Realizations,
Understatements, Poetry,

Not everything is what you think.

I am a Flower

Chris Calvert


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About Chris

I originally founded WRUPH with the intention of doing something completely different than this. As life would have it, that initial intention never got off the ground; but I am now able to do something I hope will be more meaningful.

I am a husband, father of three, and a software professional. I have the type of personality that absorbs others' energy; and that can be good or, at times, very bad. For the not-so-good times, I process that negative energy into a positive vitality through thought and writing.

Honestly, I should not even be here. Given my unusual upbringing (not complaining) with a lack of parental involvement (they were both there, just not present), I should really be living a life of light-mindedness. While sometimes, I wish that were the case, I know I am destined for a more meaningful existence.

I am hopeful that I can share thoughts and wisdom with individuals who experience similar frustrations and joys. I also value the opportunity to gain from others' perspectives and experiences.

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Realizations, Understatements


In the middle of a night while I was sick with the flu, the phrase, "I am a flower" kept repeating in my head. The repetition was so disruptive that I could not sleep. I got out of bed and went to my computer where the poem just spilled out onto the keyboard.

I had grown tired (and I am still tired) of climate change elitists who use the intangibles of climate science to further their own ambitions. They are like tall weeds in an otherwise beautiful garden. They fulfill their own purpose at the expense of others. Once they are confronted (pulled from the ground), they realize the insignificance of their existence.

A flower does not need to control or otherwise demean others to be beautiful; they're just beautiful on their own.
2014 21 January
I am a flower, growing in the sun
My branches are beautiful, tall and strong
I live in a kingdom, where I know best
You see, my master leaves me alone to grow unstressed
While others plants may come and go
I am not like them, I continue to grow
First come the lettuce lying in their bed,
Who ironically think they have a head
They are naive to think they will not be lost
Because they can grow amidst the frost
But they will soon fall to the master's call
And that will be all...

I am not like them, I'm better, you see
If not, why would I be taller and grander than thee
For they are week and cannot handle the heat

The days become longer, and with that, come a new vine
They call them berries, and they think they are fine
But they too will not handle the heat
For the master will cut them as soon as they're sweet

I am superior, I do not sprout buds to eat,
And with that, I will not be my master's treat!

Next come the "roots", they're called carrots and beats
They cannot see the light of day, for they live underground
Not experiencing the world, they would be astound
To know of my knowledge, so experienced, so sound
You see, my roots are strong and deep
But I see things the roots cannot
Like the coming of the Master's shovel to dig you up

Next come the tomatoes, on another vine
Didn't they learn from the berries decline?
They cannot survive at all like I
Especially now that the days are long and dry
At least, they are not scared like the beats who hide
Underground without any pride

I am proud of my stature and ability
To outsmart all others and take their fertility
Clearly, my master is even afraid...
Because a meal from me will never be made
While others will try, they will never be
As tall, cunning, and grand as me

Now it's starting to get hot
But I like it not
It was not always this way, so say my roots
Who are nestled far and deep beneath my master's boots
They tell me a change is coming - well underway
And I may be gone, too, some day

But I am smart, I will devise a plan
To stop the warming that keeps me from growing
I will point to my friends, those who have met their end
As a reason to say, that all is not okay

My master is all but gone, and now I am in control
I will seize his power and be a new troll

The hotter it gets, the more power I wield
Before long, I will be the only one to which they yield

But wait! The days are now shorter and colder, I see
This will cause a problem with my plan to be
I will not let the others know - I will deceive them, to bring them in tow

But just as I revised my plan to command
I spotted a figure so brilliant, so grand
The master came back, and with a tug...
Uprooted me without even a single shrug
How dare he not show the respect I contrived,
For I am the longest in this world to thrive!

But now as the master lifted me up high,
I see now that I was living a lie
It is true, I was not like the others in there
Who bore fruits so others can share

I thought I was superior, but now I am inferior
Because I was not a flower after all
I was ugly with thorns and spikes
That, really, nobody likes
I did not produce food and give of my seed
I was a weed, who grew tall in power and greed

And my world was not all what I thought
Nothing was gained from the lessons I taught
I was allowed to survive despite my ill drive
To undermine everything in the world that I could
Because the Master understood that agency is the essence of good
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WRUPH is simply a place to take the wruph-ness (get it?) out of life and smooth it by putting it into writing. I find myself dumbfounded by groupthink, fleeting trends, and general lack of vision in our world today. I write to back up my beliefs against this recklessness. I don’t purport myself to be a great writer, so please don't let that stop you from taking part.

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