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Wonderings, Realizations, Understatements, Poetry, Hunches

Wonderings, Realizations,
Understatements, Poetry,

Democrats need illegal immigration to survive.

Without Immigration, the Democratic Party is Just a Generation or Two from Extinction

Democrat Party's own policies have put themselves in the position to sacrifice the wellbeing of our country for the survival of their party. Consider the following Democrat platforms:
Progressives Don't Want You to Think for Yourself

Do Progressives See the Irony in Their Beliefs?

I don’t view politics as Progressives vs Conservatives in some competition. After all, we’re not talking about a Super Bowl or an NCAA championship. Those titles are fleeting, lasting only until the next season. Our country has survived over 230 years, but we are now at risk of losing our republic because we somehow believe keeping political score will solve problems.
Not everything is what you think.

I am a Flower

I am a flower, growing in the sun
My branches are beautiful, tall and strong
I live in a kingdom, where I know best
You see, my master leaves me alone to grow unstressed
While others plants may come and go
I am not like them, I continue to grow
First come the lettuce lying in their bed,
Who ironically think they have a head
They are naive to think they will not be lost
Because they can grow amidst the frost
But they will soon fall to the master's call
And that will be all...
Laws shouldn't be exempt from expiration

I Wonder What Would Happen if Laws had an Expiration Date

File this under random thoughts: the other day, I was thinking about why so many things – from the food we eat to our driver’s licenses and even car seats have expiration dates. I get that most of the time, they exist to protect or promise some level of satisfaction. I am even grateful my milk jug gives me a warning if I am about drink some sour 2%.

But some expiration or best by dates are mystifying...
Millennials need to learn how to work with others just like the rest of us.

Changing Your Workplace Behaviors to Accommodate Generational Gaps is Not Doing Millennials a Favor

A few years ago, I attended a workshop where Millennial-generation expert Jason Dorsey spoke about Millennials in the workplace. Jason is considered a leader in multi-generation research with an emphasis on Millennial and Gen-Z generations. If you have never heard Jason speak, you should really get yourself invited to one his speaking engagements.

According to Jason, there are approximately 83 million Millennials in the US...
Does a vote in the Democratic Primary even count?

Why a Bernie Sanders Supporter Non-vote in November is More Powerful Than a Vote for Hillary Clinton

I am no fan of our current two-party system in America. Any good intentions or principles that laid the foundation for either party have long given way to power-hungry, self-fulling juggernauts. Nowhere is this power more evident than in the Democratic Party’s system of choosing a presidential candid...
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